For some reason I have terrible pictures from the Feria de San Telmo. Here are a few that are decent.

p.s. I got free hugs from creepy sweaty Argentine people I didn’t know! Go Rick!

The first time in my life that I got to ride on a train was in Buenos Aires. Rosi and I took the train from Retiro to Tigre. Little did we know that it was hotter than the pits of hell and conveniently caught on fire. Crazy times.

Barrio Chino en Buenos Aires.

Cal kicking into warp speed!

I have no clue how my camera did this but I liked it.


Mate in the park.

One afternoon we got a call from one of our Aussie friends who said to get down to the Casa Rosada for a huge celebration. When we got there, it turned out to be the 2011 Buenos Aires Gay Pride Parade. Never missing an opportunity to shake our groove thang, we jumped in the parade and dance the night away!

November 1st through the 6th was the Buenos Aires Jazz Festival. It doesn’t get any better than great jazz music with good friends.

We spent a lot of time playing in the park… until our soccer ball ended up in the palm tree and the Frisbee broke.